Brake Shoe Set SWB

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One axle set (4 shoes) to suit all short wheel base models 1948-58

These are high quality bonded shoes, we recommend that you drums are machined to within 1/8 of an inch oversize, if they are worn any more than that, they really need to be replaced with new drums.

Please note picture is example only, genuine parts in original boxes will only be supplied when available.

Having had trouble fitting new shoes with new drums? There can be a few reasons for this, the first is dodgey shoes.... they are a bit too big to fit! If you have the correct type (supplied by us) they are a close fit, the way to tell is, the drums go on OK, but in the last few millimetere the brake may "lock up". The way to correct this is to adjust the snail adjuster ALL THE WAY to the lowest spot. The drum should be able to be turned by hand when the wheel is fitted.