86-88 (1954-58)

Brake KIT - 1954-58 Models

4 Sets of Brake Shoes

4 sets of Springs

4 sets wheel Cylinders

3 flexible brake hoses

1 set metal brake lines


Brake shoe adjusters, Set of 4, 86 and 88 inch

These are not the segmented junk you can buy on ebay, these original 4 replacement adjusters fit to the backplates and allow for excellent shoe adjustment and better pedal feel. You are buying 4 adjusters.

Brake Fluid Resivouir Cap. NOS

New vented cap only, will fit all models 1948-58. 

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Brake Fluid Resivouir- 1954-58 models. Girling Made in England New

New tin Tank, will prevent endless headaches with your Brake system. Includes cap and seal. 

Steel Brake Pipe set - 86/88 inch (1954-58)

Genuine type steel brake pipe set, suits all right hand drive models 1954-58. Made from the correct metal tubing with high quality end fittings and flares. These pipes are legal for road use unlike the copper reproduction pipes. These are also easy to bend into the correct shape unlike the modern "green" pipe. Kit includes all the high pressure pipes.

Rubber Brake Hose Front (1954-58)

Flexible brake hose for front wheel.

Rubber Brake Hose Rear (1954-58)

Flexible brake hose for rear axle housing.

Brake wheel cylinder LHF (1954-58) SWB

Brake wheel cylinder complete, short wheelbase only.

Brake wheel cylinder RHF (1954-58) SWB

Brake wheel cylinder complete, short wheelbase only.

Brake wheel cylinder LHR (1954-58) SWB

Brake wheel cylinder complete, short wheelbase only.

Brake wheel cylinder RHR (1954-58) SWB

Brake wheel cylinder complete, short wheelbase only.

Brake Wheel Cylinder repair kit - Short Wheelbase front Set

Quality Rubbers - should be replaced every few years! not few decades!!!

Includes all rubbers for both wheel cylinders


Brake Shoe Set SWB

One axle set (4 shoes) to suit all short wheel base models 1948-58

These are high quality bonded shoes, we reccomend that you drums are machined to within 1/8 of an inch oversize, if they are worn any more than that, they really need to be replaced with new drums.

Please note picture is example only, genuine parts in original boxes will only be supplied when available.


Brake Drum - 10 inch new 1948-58

New Brake Drum - 10 inch internal size, suit all short wheelbase models 1948-58.

Brake Drum - 10 inch new 1948-58 (original Style)

This is an original in design part.

 (the cheaper one works, but doesn't have original features such as 3 countersunk locating screws...)

Brake Master Cylinder spares - new SWB

Assorted new spares, to rebuild your short wheel base master cylinder. Kit includes Pushrod, rubber seals, piston assembly, retaining washer and springclip. CAST IRON CYLINDER BODY, AND CLEVIS NOT INCLUDED

Brake tank to master cyl Pipe new 54-58

4 way brake line connector used 1954-58


Brake Back Plate left - used

excellent used condition, supplied with new adjuster.

2 available.

Suit all short wheel base models 1949-58.