Ignition System

Ignition points 1948-53

Genuine NOS with packaging.

Ignition points 1954-55

Ignition points 1955-58 NOS

New Old Stock made in England, 

Special crazy price

Spark plugs - all 1948-58 models

Genuine Champion NOS made in UK.

Distributor rotor 1955-58

New suit all models 1955-58

Ignition lead set 1948-58

Ignition lead set, with rubber boots and coilscrew, this wire core kit is not exactly 100% authentic because the original set used the bakerlike spark plug covers, but this leadset does give far better running, black.

Ignition lead - Original 1948-58

Ignition lead, sold by the metre, new old stock original, copper core, black.

Distributor cap 1955-58 lucas

Genuine nos, picture is sample only

Distributor cap 1955-58 copy

Yes this is the correct type of cap for all models 55-58, the originals were branded Lucas.

Distributor cap 1948-53 used

Genuine cap in good used condition with good screws and no cracking.

Distributor cap 1948-53 nos

Genuine cap New.

One only.

Vac Advance unit 1948-53 - no screw arm.

Genuine Lucas vac advance unit, suit 80 inch models. 1948-53

 - the screw arm in the picture is not included, you will need to remove it from your old unit.



Vac Advance unit 1948-53 Rover number 261489

Genuine Lucas vac advance unit, suit 80 inch models. 1948-53

New, limited stock, Limit 1 per customer


Vac Advance unit 1955 Rover number 245011

Genuine Lucas vac advance unit, suit some 86/107 inch models. 1954-55

Check this is NOT the 2 bolt type, this one has the internal flat swivel plate, you can see when you remove the distributor cap.

Limit 1 per customer


Vac Advance unit 1955-58 Rover number 269989

Genuine Lucas vac advance unit, suit late models. 1955-58

This late model type has a long spring that attaches to the baseplate, you can see it with the distributor cap removed.

Limit 1 per customer